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Last Chance & Day Dawn

The multiple sheeted vein swarms at Last Chance and Day Dawn have a large surface footprint and have been selectively worked near surface with records of over an ounce per tonne mined in the 1920s. More recent drill testing to a maximum of 140m confirms continuity of mineralisation at depth with grades in excess of 11g/t Au in the veins.


This multiphase intrusive zone is similar to the Bestobe group (+30M oz Au) in the North Kazakstan Auriferous Province and the overall geology is common in the Tintina.

Geochemical and geophysical testing shows the "signature" IRGS element suite and structure. Mineralisation has been tested over a 200m length, but Tectonic’s exploration shows it extends is over a much greater 1.2km x 500m zone at surface and remains open along strike and at depth.

Sub Audio Magnetics (SAM) structural mapping of the mineralised zone has provided a focus for pattern drilling over a 2km strike with veins extending at depth and  converging towards the original intrusive mineralising source.

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