Regulatory Announcements

    Drill Warrant Call Notice  
    Specimen Hill Technical Update & Deep Blue Diaomnd production ramp up  
    Drilling Update From Mt Cassidy  
    Mt Cassidy drilling update  
    Align Research note on Specimen Hill drilling  
    Specimen Hill Assay results and Mt Cassidy drilling commencing  
    2020 AGM Form of Proxy  
    2020 AGM Notice of Availability  
    2020 AGM Notice of Meeting  
    Audited Financial Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2020  
    Driling Update Specimen Hill Gold Silver Copper assays  
    Drilling Update - Specimen Hill Assays  
    Capital Raise and Drilling Program  
    AGM Form of Proxy  
    AGM Notice of Availability  
    AGM Notice of Meeting  
    Interim Financial Report for the period to 31 December 2019  
    Audited Financial Report for the year ended 30 June 2019  
    Resignation of Corporate Adviser  
    Diamond Project Funding Partnership and Audit Update  
    Change in Directorate  
    Sale of South African Diamond Project and Suspension  
    Update on Diamond Project  
    Sale of interest in Tirupati Graphite Plc  
    Research and Development funding receipt  
    First interest payment received on Silverstream Convertible Note  
    Sale of graphite royalty  
    Acquisition of VAST JV diamond mining contract  
    Interim Financial Report 31 Dec 2018  
    Initiation of Diamond Mining at VAST Mineral Sands Joint Venture  
    Mt Cassidy research program IRGS confirmation  
    Farm in to VAST mining concession  
    Additional assay results form Specimen Hill 2018 drilling campaign  
    JORC Table 1 for Specimen Hill  
    2018 AGM Results  
    Specimen Hill 2018 drilling initial assays  
    Notice of Availability  
    2018 Annual Report (30 June 2018)  
    Notice of 2018 AGM  
    A$590,000 Research funding received  
    Mount Cassidy 20g/t+ Au assays  
    Completion of Specimen Hill 2,500m Drilling Campaign  
    Drilling Update from Specimen Hill  
    Drilling Update from Specimen Hill Project  
    Recovery of French Tax Refund  
    Appointment of Financial Adviser and Broker  
    RNS Tectonic Gold - First Day of Trading on NEX  
    Tectonic Gold Plc NEX Admission Document