Our Strategy

Tectonic Gold’s strategy is to leverage its extensive knowledge and expertise of IRGS deposits to become one of the world's lowest dollar-per-ounce of discovery-cost gold exploration businesses. Our primary focus is on IRGS deposits misinterpreted by previous explorers due to insufficient or outdated exploration technology or a lack of understanding of IRGS systems. Our biggest differentiator is our board and management and our proven exploration model. We focus our activity around the highest return phase of the resource development life cycle shown below:

Tectonics overarching strategy can be summarized in the below three points:

  1. Acquire high return assets in regions which have undergone extensive investment and define systems that have not previously been fully understood
  2. Revalue assets: reinterpret data by applying Tectonic’s extensive IRGS knowledge, map proven gold bearing systems, undertake strike and depth extension drilling, test underlying porphyry feeder system and carry out feasibility studies leading to JORC resource definition
  3. Monetise the asset through strategic partnering and/or divestment with cost recovery and an ongoing carried interest or sell to a producer requiring replacement ounces